Software and services

  Facturación Electrónica Solutions for issuing and receiving electronic invoices for enterprises (Cypress).  
  Facturación Electrónica Business Solution for issuing and receiving electronic invoices for medium and small companies and taxpayers with professional activity.  
  Facturación Electrónica punto de venta Electronic invoice solutions for POS.  
  Facturación Electrónica saas Software as a service system for small and medium-sized companies, also for taxpayers with professional activity.
  e-Fianza Electronic bail solution for bonding companies.  
  e-Insurance Electronic documents solution for insurances companies.  
  e-banca Electronic documents (Statments, invoices, etc.) solutions for financial institutions.  
Contabilidad electrónica Solutions for the new tax rules applied to electronic accounting. Supported by any aacounting software or ERP.  
Digital Advantage Solution for document scanning processes.  
  Facturación Electrónica para PyME Electronic payroll and payments constancies solution.  
  e-factura Toll Solution for electronic invoice for different systems, such as: highways, parkings or toll control.  
  e-factura buzón Integral solution to receive and validate electronic invoices from vendors, including information to avoid addendas. This "on-boarding" method allows to incorporate vendors in very short time.  
  e-factura roaming Interconnection system to global vendor platforms to fulfill electronic invoice requirements in Mexico.  
  e-agente System for issuing electronic invoices of insurance and bonding agents.  
  Go Socket Free Enterprise network for electornic invoice Exchange and keeping.  
  Tarjeta e-factura Prepaid card to issue electronic invoices addressed to taxpayers and small business with low number of volumes (from 1 to 500 monthly invoices).  


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