About us

Indicium Solutions is a pioneer on the implementation of electronic invoicing projects in Mexico since 2005. Nowadays we have more than 3,000 customers. Our products cover from Enterprises to small and medium companies, including taxpayers with professional activity.

Our customers are the best reference of our work on worldwide companies and Institutions that have the highest quality services.

We have presence in Mexico and Latin America, including countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Colombia.

Indicium has the first networking with electronic invoicing service providers in Europe in order to serve global companies.

Technological innovation and strategic Partners allow us to offer to our customer’s wide range of solutions in electronic documents.

Our mission

Integrate the best electronic document solutions in the market.

Our vision

Become on a global Company, leader in invoicing and electronic documents.

Passion to serve, technological innovation and excellence in all we do are part of our values and represent our better weapons to compete.


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Mexico: (55) 5245-7093
Toll free: 01-800-22-333-22