Key Partners

Mexican Association of the IT Industry.

Cloud infraestructure and services.


Mexican Institue of Finance Executive, C.A.

Multinational company dedicated to computer technology.
Silver Partner for application development.

Mexican Association in Human Resources

Chamber of the Americas

Professional association that supports the development of business in the "Microsoft ecosystem".

E-business solutions on document management.

Leader Company on Management Systems and Databases.

Infrastructure Solutions, IT Networks and Services.

Leader in solutions for high-volume printing.

Since its inception in 1972 is a leading business solutions for all types of industry supplier. It is the third largest independent software vendor in the world.

Company dedicated to advanced consulting services in SAP.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is the authority on secure eBusiness. Thousands of companies use software to connect its worldwide fashion business electronically with business partners.

World leader in creating the standard in capture software, connectivity devices and image processing.

For over 25 years world leader in providing technology transfer files, with e-commerce software EBMX with Chrysler and other automakers.

Network Business Relationship based on the Electronic Invoice.

Business Partners

Management systems for Sports Clubs and businesses in general (Authorized Distributor e-factura solutions).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 68939).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 58977).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 55505).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 55708).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 56688).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 58080).

Fiscal stamp solution (PAC No. 70029) y Servicios EDI.

Integrator of security and network solutions.

Architect and integrator of IT solutions with high experience in mainframes and applicable to heterogeneous environments corporate market business.


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